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We Take Your Business Dream and Make It an Online Reality

Owning and operating a business online is an exciting adventure but it also comes with many new business challenges. Even if you have been or are a successful on land business entity you are going to discover many new approaches that must be implemented for the online segment of your business, and here at Krypton IT we have all of the solutions as the best website builder, you are going to need to make your online business soar. More
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We Build Your Site So It Draws the Traffic You Need To Succeed

You can have the most dynamic and impressive website, but if it is not able to draw traffic then it will be of no value to you. While appearance is important, being able to draw clients to your website then have them follow through with a call to action is critical to the success of your business . We are the experts as the best website builder, that can make that happen. Our IT technicians know what search engines are looking for, and we can put this expertise to work for you. More
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Krypton IT knows what it takes to Make Your Site Sell

A business website can be anything from a simple Corporate website to a complex Ecommerce site. Our IT services offered here will more than meet your needs as a business owner, and will excel at impressing your site visitors. We know what it takes to make customers want to buy from you, and our technology as the best website builder will make this happen. More


Krypton IT is a company that has been built to provide service to those business owners who are new to the web or have been around for awhile and just can’t get their business going. We cater to those who are on a budget and simply cannot afford to use all the resources that the “big guys” can take advantage. We are here to tell you that YES! you too can have the very same tools for scaling up your business to make it a success, yet without settling for less quality or dedication that the big companies pay thousands of dollars for.

Our Assets

Keeping up with the times is a priority when it comes to business. Doing business on the internet is like entering a whole new exciting world, and as your IT providers we are ready to lead you down the path of this exciting journey by providing you with the web development that is simply going to rock the internet.
Your customers need to be able to find you and when they do you have to be impressive. That is our commitment to you from us here at Krypton IT. As your web developers, once we have completed the web development of your site, your customers are not going to be able to wait to do business with you.

You may have heard the term PHP and know that it is important, but don’t have any idea what it means. Technically it stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a common coding language that web developers use to make your site run according to your unique needs. Your PHP can be customized for your particular business and creates a solid foundation for the running and optimizing of your site.
Our IT technicians here at Krypton IT stay up to date as to what is the leading technology in PHP services and we are ready to offer this much needed service to help you grow your business. Don’t worry about the technicalities of this type of web development. We will know and develop the type of PHP your site requires.

For those that enjoy the Micorsoft windows environment then they need to be sure that they are working with the right .NET Programmers. It once again is a web code that only experts in this field such as our highly .NET technicians here at Krypton IT are able to write and maintain. The software that is developed with this language works in a software environment.
If your business has the need for customized software, then Krypton IT will be able to produce it for you in the type of web language that is compatible with your website. You never have to worry about being left behind in the leading .NET Progammers technology when you are using our full web development services here at Krypton IT

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and when every spot on your website counts as being important then you need our Graphic Designers to make the most of it. Your website has to speak the words to your customers that you would want to say to them in person. First impressions are lasting ones and the graphic design of your web business has to create an immediate impression in order to get them to follow through with your call to actions. Plus, you want their experience on your website to be a favorable lasting one. Our Graphic Designers have the skills and expertise to generate this type of very impressive opinion.
We also know that while graphic design is important it cannot overpower the content of your site. Our experts work hand in hand with our professional content developers to ensure that both the graphics, layout, and content are fully

Your website content has to speak to your clients just as you would if you had the opportunity to speak directly to them. It has to give the information they need, and answer the questions they would normally ask you directly. It has to have a strong call to action, which is your sales pitch. Our content writers are well trained in all of these areas. In addition to this, it’s your content that is going to make the search engines be impressed with you. It means having the right search engine optimization without becoming spammy.
Our top website content writers will write about your business with the passion it needs to make your business grow and become a profit maker. They will work closely with you in order to get to know your business so they can make you proud of what you have to offer your customers.


Listen to the voice of our clients…
  • The team of krypton is a complete package. They did all the sections to make my e-store running and selling. I just love them and will keep taking service from them.
    John Shipe - CEO, Drysoul
  • They kept editing the site until i was happy. without any extra charge! Now the site helps my business to sell my holiday packages.
    Arif- MD, Ariyan Holidays LTD

Our Three Stepsto Your Success

Being successful is another synonym of being organised. That is the cause behind our steps of process in order to deliver you a satisfying one


Planning & Strategy

A good plan is the secret of a good output. And that is what our very first step is.

design & develop

After we have our project plan we move for the designing and development period.

test & deliver

Our QA makes sure with test demonstrations the output meets all your requirements.

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